The Chloe Nola Handloomed Tunic
The Chloe Nola Handloomed Tunic
The Chloe Nola Handloomed Tunic
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The Chloe Nola Handloomed Tunic
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Made in collaboration with The Chloe Nola, lekha's tunic and pant loungewear set is perfect for morning, night, and everything in between. Lekha worked alongside designer Sara Ruffin Costello to develop this lightweight muslin set, to coordinate with the interiors of the newest project from the incredible team of visionaries at Leblanc+Smith. Process: fabric is hand-dyed and hand-loomed by our partners in madhya pradesh, before winding up at workshops in rajasthan to be sewn and embroidered. the entire process is long, complex, and made with care and skill by master dyers, weavers, and tailors. 


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