Juniper - Case (Pack of 16)
Juniper - Case (Pack of 16)
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Juniper - Case (Pack of 16)
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Uncommonly Smooth. Embrace the outdoors with this botanical blend, an effortless complement to your favorite spirit, pairing particularly well with Gin, Vodka, and Tequila. Only 17 calories per cocktail, low sugar, and BIG taste. Shipping included.

This delicious mixer includes: 

Juniper berries: tart and crisp, juniper brings a sharp edge to spirits, Gin in particular

Citrus: it's no secret that cocktails are better with the sweet tartness of fresh citrus

Rosemary: this antioxidant carries the scent of the holidays and an herbal, natural flavor

Soda Water: the freshest, triple-purified water for a smooth finish

Tonic: this natural quinine tonic brings the fizz to give your next sip a crisp, refreshing edge

Electrolytes: added potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium ions help to hydrate and replenish the body

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