-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Almond Toffee-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Lemon Sugar-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Chocolate Espresso-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Molasses Spice-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Chocolate Cayenne-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Chocolate Chip-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Chocolate Mint-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Chocolate Bourbon-Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) / Cranberry Orange
Grey Ghost Birthday Cookie Favor
Grey Ghost Cookie Favor - Happy Birthday-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Almond Toffee-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Lemon Sugar-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Chocolate Espresso-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Molasses Spice-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Chocolate Cayenne-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Chocolate Chip-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Chocolate Mint-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Chocolate Bourbon-Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) / Cranberry Orange
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Birthday Two-Packs
Think birthday parties, thank you gifts, or classroom treats, Grey Ghost's line of two-pack treats is ideal for favors.

Happy Birthday (Red + Blue) Happy Birthday (Purple + Gold) Sweet Treats (Pink + Green) Sweet Treats (Blue + Red) Thanks a Bunch! (Purple + White) Thanks a Bunch! (Blue + Red)
Lemon Sugar Molasses Spice Chocolate Bourbon Chocolate Chip Chocolate Espresso Almond Toffee

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