Orders and Delivery

Is Colleen shipping my order?
Colleen is a single destination that allows you to shop directly from multiple women-owned businesses at once - one website, one easy checkout. After you order, Colleen will send order information to the respective companies, and they will ship their items to you.
How do I track my order?
You should receive tracking information from each company as they ship. Colleen will receive your tracking information too. You can always log into your Colleen account and view tracking information under your orders.
Can I cancel my Colleen order?
Unfortunately, once an order is processed on Colleen, you may not cancel it.
How does Colleen calculate shipping?
Colleen offers the same shipping rates as the individual businesses. So, if one company is charging $5 shipping on their website, you will be charged $5 for the same items on Colleen.


What is Colleen's Return Policy?
Each brand on Colleen has their own return policy. The return policy is listed on the product pages.
How do I submit a return?
You will need to follow the instructions provided on the invoice in your original package. If you are unable to find the instructions, and you need assistance, please contact us at support@colleen.com.

Our Brands

How do you select the brands featured on your website?
We are looking for those women-owned brands with WOW factor, a company that once discovered, you can't help telling other people about. If you would like to recommend a brand to us, please shoot us an email at hello@colleen.com.
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