Rorin is driven to design unique accessories that elevate your everyday style. Their collection reflects the highest quality and craftsmanship while staying committed to responsible production and sourcing practices. Each collection is sparked from a passion for repurposing materials to create unexpected textural and color contrasts. 

All Rorin pieces are designed and developed in Charleston, South Carolina by founder and designer, Erin Tufts Cartier. Rorin works closely with their production partners to produce small batch collections.

The name Rorin comes from the combination of founder Erin’s name and that of her husband, Rorie. Navigating life’s peaks and valleys together over the years, Erin and Rorie have always worked as a team to overcome personal and professional obstacles with a strong sense of adventure and optimism. Rorin pays homage to their strong bond and the creativity and joy it ignites both in and out of the design studio.

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