As far back as she can remember, Jen Lewis wanted to spend her time focusing on long-term, sustainable solutions for men and women living in poverty in developing countries with limited opportunities. She is drawn to the beauty of international cultures and wants to join along side their fight against the systems that keep people in poverty generation after generation. 

From summers spent in Mexico and Bolivia to longer stints in Guatemala and Honduras, Jen witnessed the need for sustainable job opportunities first hand. 

Jen started Purse & Clutch in 2011 to connect talented artisans with a market in the States. She was amazed to learn how transformational these jobs could be for the women and men they were partnering with.

The team at Purse & Clutch feels super privileged to work directly with artisan groups in Ethiopia and Mexico, designing beautiful textiles and styles that are meant to stand the test of time. Purse & Clutch is based in Austin, TX.

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