Navy Hill was born, predictably, at a bar. Out on the town, two women found themselves in desperate need of a cocktail. It had to be refreshing, easy to drink and the perfect complement to the balmy Virginia evening. Equal parts sweet and crisp. Equal parts indulgent and light. Equal parts club soda and tonic.

From that first “sonic” sip, a brand was born. Founders Jenny Lucas and Katie Williams, both University of Virginia alums, are committed to keeping Navy Hill authentic and exceptional, choosing to cut calories (not corners.) Thoughtful flavor combinations, added electrolytes. The small batch mixer is made and bottled in the US, hand packed with care.

Navy Hill's mixers are all natural, free of artificial sweeteners, free of high fructose corn syrup, electrolyte additive, more robust than club soda, a lot less sugar than standard tonic water, flavorful, made in America, born in Richmond, VA.

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“Cocktail hour will never be the same.”
- Jenny & Katie
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