March11 was founded in March 2015 in New York by Ukrainian stylist Roberta Mishchenko. By combining old world culture and high quality craftsmanship with modern silhouettes, March11 creates exquisite embroidered blouses and dresses for the wanderlust globetrotter in all of us. Their signature pieces can take up to 2,000 meters of thread and up to 14 days to create. 

The traditional Ukrainian embroidered blouse, or how it’s called in Ukraine - Vyshyvanka - has been worn by women and men for centuries. It's an iconic classic, just like the little black dress or blue jeans. Traditionally only done in white, red, or black fabric, this timeless classic has been updated with a modern twist by adding color, tassels, and embroidery beyond the traditional sleeves, making it a resort-wear hit designed for your next adventure.

The special attention to detail and hand finishing are what define Vyshyvanka styles. Some of them, like the gatherings on the collar and cuffs known as Zbyranka and gatherings on the sleeves called Pukhlyky, take days to complete. March11 is proud to revive and keep the traditional needlework and heritage design alive in a modern, wearable way.

March11 sources 100% linen fabric from Belarus, the neighboring country to Ukraine. Because it is lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, linen is a classic choice for a summer wardrobe. 

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