Marc Ellen Hamel is a San Francisco-based artist working in painting, printmaking, and collage.  She grew up in Seattle surrounded by forests and many bodies of water of the Pacific Northwest.  As a high school student, she haunted the galleries and museums of Seattle and hoped to someday emulate the artists that inspired her.  After attending the University of Washington, majoring in English Literature and Art, she moved to the Bay Area. 

Marc Ellen has focused on abstract oil painting throughout her career, approaching it as an outlet for self-expression and to follow her deep attraction to strong color and pattern. She began to focus on monotype printmaking about 15 years ago, enjoying the surprise elements of this process and the intense colors of the inks. This led to her current work in what she calls monotype collage.

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“Painting is always, for me, an exploration and a search for beauty. In the process of creating abstract paintings, my personal stories emerge. My hope is that those who gaze at my paintings will find their own story.”
- Marc Ellen Hamel
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