These are no ordinary bandanas, folks… these are TALISMANS of bravery and adventure. Each one is made with you in mind. that’s right, YOU. The team at Jenni Earle is squeezing conviction and COURAGE into each one, right along with the dye, so that you can define your life on your terms.

It starts with 100% COTTON that is grown and milled in the South. The sew house in South Carolina cuts and sews the cotton into 22” squares of SOFT, PURE white cotton. Then it goes to Jenni Earle in Winston Salem, North Carolina. After a good WASH to breakdown the starch, they DYE each one BY HAND and infuse authenticity, confidence and MOXIE into the fabric.

After a few more washes, until it is like butter in their HANDS, they send it up the street to get dressed with their hand drawn design. This is the final layer of MAGIC. Each talisman has its own MANTRA that is designed to root you on as you take life by the horns and show it who is BOSS.

Jenni Earle makes bandanas, so you can have a symbol of your own strength and bravery, to remind you how capable you are to authentically live the life you choose.

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“Holding that 22 inch square of cotton, I felt like I could conquer anything. The bandana became a talisman for me, a symbol of bravery.”
- Jenni Hopkins
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