Herb + Flora leverages the advanced science of energy and performance, combined with the power of botanicals, to create holistic clean beauty products that mimic the effects of exercise on skin, hair, and nails and help people get to their own finish line every single day, feeling beautiful, healthy, balanced.

Because the health and beauty of skin depend on more than a topical regimen, Herb + Flora created an optimal SkinFit Program from the outside in and from the inside out with a topical complex (The Potion and Eye of the Cyclops), an oral supplement (Heroes & Goddesses), and intelligent textiles (Morpheus Pillow). This holistic approach is the most efficient way to help enhance skin’s health and energy supply. 

Herb + Flora was founded in 2019 by Marie-Pierre Stark-Flora and Guillame Herbette in the breathtaking island of Corsica. A former L’Oréal, Estée Lauder and Coty executive, Marie-Pierre is an entrepreneur, marketing & sales expert in the beauty space with a passion for branding and product development. Marie-Pierre was the Founder and CEO of iluminage, inc., a beauty tech company funded by Unilever Ventures. French-born with Corsican roots, Marie Pierre is based in New York where she has spent the last 25 years.

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