HART jewelry was founded in 2016 by Hart Hagerty, a former fashion editor, freelance writer, and trend forecaster. Hart worked in Shanghai, China for six years, and her experience of exploration and self-reflection left an indelible mark on her. While in Shanghai, Hart began to sell tassel earrings made by local jewelry artisans to her friends and family, and the first sparks of HART jewelry were born.

After a stint in Manhattan, Hart returned home to her beloved Charleston, SC and officially launched HART jewelry with her signature tassel earrings. Over time, she has expanded her designs to include beaded mantra bracelets and sentimental necklaces. Her brand ethos is “outer sparkle ignites inner spark,” and her goal is to produce high-quality, affordable, and meaningful jewelry for the modern woman.

When she’s not working, Hart loves spending time with her children, sailing, surfing, hosting porch parties, and painting the local flora.

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