Flora Magica was founded in 2017 by Liane Pena as an ode to her native homeland in the Philippines. Expertly crafted using natural elements, Liane wanted to create designs that are fun to wear yet easily transitional from day to night. 

"I’ve always loved jewelry and how it can be so personal and meaningful. You can tell so much about a person’s personality through how they choose to accessorize. The backbone of Flora Magica is to create versatile pieces with a colorful composition." 

Components are sourced from all over the world - incorporating seashells and raffia from the Philippines, mother of pearl from Indonesia and gemstones from India. Flora Magica is inspired by Liane's travels and the natural world. 

"I love using natural elements but combining them with unexpected materials. The nature of growing up in the Philippines resonates in everything I do. I grew up in Cebu and spent a lot of time out on the ocean with my family. I have very fond memories of digging for clams with my grandmother, and so there’s also an emotional element for me with bringing my love of seashells and tropical touches to my pieces. My aesthetic has always been to create bold and breezy designs that are reminiscent of an island style. I spend the majority of my time in the Philippines, and consider myself lucky to call this incredible place home."

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