Christine has been painting and drawing several days a week since she was 18 months old. Her mother, an art historian, stressed the importance of art from a young age. Her journey has taken her from impressionism in childhood, to realism in middle school through college mastering various mediums and finally to abstraction in her adult life and professional career.

Christine’s works are abstract, mixed media paintings. Her work focuses on movement, mood, and the use of color, metallic, and reflective elements to convey energy and story. It is through a deeply meditative practice, combined with music that she exercises her synesthesia and painting practice. Christine’s paintings are conceptual in nature focusing on healing, seeking peace, restoring painful memories and infusing light and beauty into her work.

Each piece stems from personal experiences, memories, or social concepts. Christine attaches these experiences to a song or piece of music. With synesthesia she sees color when she hears music. She paints the colors and movements that are swirling in her mind, combined with the emotion of the chosen memory or experience. Christine paints the mood of these combined elements. Wrestling with each concept, she is determined to find beauty and peace in each experience. It is with those guiding metrics that she sifts through sound, synesthesia, memories, social pitfalls, human experiences and more as she seeks to infuse light and guiding peace into these spaces. Christine views her works as tokens, or icons meant to bless and serve as reminders for viewers and collectors.

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“When you look at my pieces I want you to feel at peace, calmed, and hopeful. I want you to know that there is still beauty left in the world, and I hope to inspire others to find and create beauty and peace in their lives.”
- Christine Olmstead
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