Born in Izmir, Turkey, Beste moved to Istanbul for University and after graduating, took over the Istanbul operation of an international packaging company. She re-founded it, nurtured it and grew it into a successful business. For 8 years, it was her child, her teacher, her lover and her enemy. Then in 2010, several things seemed to happen all at once: The Global Financial Crisis finally hit the business in full force. Her family began to disintegrate. And life as she knew it became unbearable. She found her escape in an interior design course, which encouraged her to believe that it wasn't too late to follow her dream and start anew. In 2012, Beste and her husband moved to Sydney, where she studied Design and Ceramics at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. 

Today, Beste Ogan is a full-time mum and an independent designer-maker with her own studio, where she continues her explorations of materiality, light and tactility. As a designer-maker, she strives to create 'textures to touch' - intimate functional ceramic objects that make you not want to let go once you hold them; timeless designs that are a pleasure to use everyday. They celebrate 'the beauty of the imperfect,' reflecting colors, textures and forms derived from nature. 

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“I'm glad I followed my dream. I lose myself - I'm so lucky. I feel like a have a second chance in life.”
- Beste Ogan
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