Beastly Threads textiles are ethically-produced and eco-friendly, using organic cotton and non-toxic dyes. Products are hand block printed by amazing artisans in Bagru and Jaipur, India. The fabric is dyed, printed, and washed by hand and then dried by the sun. The result is a piece of art and a labor of love. 

The Beastly Threads idea arose from a desire to first, make a difference and second, do it in a beautiful, fun, fashionable way. Founder Torrey Shawe was initially inspired by the TOMS Shoes business model - a for profit company with a social impact. Beastly Threads donates a significant portion of their profits to wildlife organizations, supporting the butterfly, honeybee, rhino, sea turtle, wild dog, shark, jaguar, and more. All of the Beastly Threads animals are listed on the Endangered Species list and face a great threat to their very existence. Animals are at risk of extinction due to global warming, over-fishing/hunting, pollution, disease, and habitat loss. 

Before Beastly, Torrey worked in education reform for 16 years. She also founded she19 in 2004, an effort to inspire single women to vote in the 2004 Presidential election. Torrey recently moved from Santiago, Chile to Vaucresson, France with her husband Tony and their two hilarious children Nathaniel and Sarah.

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