Growing up, the founder's mother always got the last gift of Christmas as a thank you for all she'd done that year, and it (or a clue to it) was in her needlepoint stocking that hung on the tree. Her father called it the "Bauble Stocking" because on a good year it was a bauble, a piece of jewelry. For founder Kate Stewart, the tradition of brainstorming for this gift with her father and brothers was always the best part of Christmas.

When Kate got engaged, she asked her to-be-husband, "So when do I get my Bauble Stocking?" and he said "Your what?" and she said "You know, what the good gifts come in!" He looked at her like she was crazy. Immediately, she tried to show him an example online and could not find anything.

Every year, the contents of the Bauble Stocking is different: be it jewelry, concert tickets, even art lessons! The fun thing is hearing how different families make this tradition their own - the possibilities are endless. 

Each stocking is 100% hand-stitched and finished by a community of single mothers in Haiti called Good Threads Needlepoint. Women are paid the equivalent of nurses or teachers. Since forming in 2013, not one child has had to drop out of school to help provide for their family, and the community has grown to over 80 women stitchers. 

5% profit of each Bauble Stocking sale is donated to the Atlanta Children's Shelter, a day care for homeless children so their parents can go to work knowing their kids are safe and receiving quality care. 

It is Bauble's mission to create wonderful traditions to be cherished for generations to come, employ those who need it most in Haiti, and give back to their community through ACS and other charities.

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“I feel a responsibility to help other mothers who don't have it as easy as we do.”
- Kate Stewart
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