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Interview with Thelma Founder and Designer, Amanda Greeley

The colors, the shape, the construction... oh my! Thelma shoes are so well-made and so beautiful, you are bound to wear them day after day. Plus, Thelma founder Amanda Greeley is one of the kindest and coolest gals around.

where is your hometown?

Columbus, OH. Since then Madison (WI), New York, and Charleson (SC)

what does your household look like?

Married in January of 2020

what year did your company launch?


what originally sparked your idea for the company?

I wanted to create a loafer with an undeniably feminine edge. I love menswear, but these aren’t your dad’s loafers.

what do you love most about your company?

I love that women of all ages wear Thelmas :-)

What is a current goal you are striving for?

I am working to make the business more sustainable and eco-friendly.

How do you keep up your mental health?

Making time for myself; I love to run and be outside. I always feel better when I’m practicing yoga and make time to read.

Looking back on your entrepreneurial journey, what do you wish you had done differently?

I’ve learned that rushing things never leads to the right result. Ask for help when you need it.

if you could give some advice to your 21-year-old self, what would you say?

Be patient. Take your time. Again, ask for help.

Fun Tips

recommended read:

Currently reading Abraham Lincoln in His Times and am LOVING IT.

worthwhile TV series

The West Wing

Vacation spot you still dream about:

St. Barts

Song on repeat:

So hard! There are so many. I never kit ‘skip’ if Purple Rain comes on.

Cocktail of choice:

Dirty martini or Whiskey Old Fashioned

Entertaining tip or trick:

One pot dishes… clean up what you can beforehand. Always a killer playlist.

Recent purchase that delighted you:

A pair of vintage leather chairs

Skincare MVP:

Biologique Recherche P50. Stuff is magic.

Essential makeup product:

Nars Bronzer in Laguna

“I’ve learned that rushing things never leads to the right result. Ask for help when you need it.”

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