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Interview with Jewelry Designer, Rossana Fani

A statement piece guaranteed to make the outfit. Rossana Fani's necklaces are bellissime with t-shirts, sweaters, dresses... you name it. The only problem is which one(s) to choose? Handmade in Florence, Italy.

where is your hometown?

I was born in Florence, Italy, where I currently live.

what does your household look like?

I’m a single woman, with a lovely black cat.

what year did your company launch?

I started making jewelry in 2005.

what originally sparked your idea for the company?

I’ve always created something! I started sewing clothes for myself, I made fabric bags, and then started experimenting with jewelry.

what do you love most about your company?

The freedom of choices! I’ve always done what I honestly liked, without following easy sales.

What is a current goal you are striving for?

Try to do original things.

How do you keep up your mental health?

My passions comfort me: art, cinema, and nature.

Looking back on your entrepreneurial journey, what do you wish you had done differently?

I would have safeguarded my ideas more than I did.

if you could give some advice to your 21-year-old self, what would you say?

Follow your instincts and pursue your passions!

Fun Tips

recommended read:

Any book written by Jules Verne – a magnificent, immersive writer

worthwhile TV series

I don’t own a TV!

Vacation spot you still dream about:

Capri! I love that island. Lush nature, enchanted corners, a blue sea to get lost in… a real magic!

Song on repeat:

The delicious and slightly vintage “Des Bras” by Halo Maud

Cocktail of choice:

Non-alcoholic only. Fruit extracts with ginger are my favorite drinks!

Entertaining tip or trick:

I can’t think of anything at the moment :)

Recent purchase that delighted you:

Superga sneakers in gold color.

Skincare MVP:

Serum + cream for the day, at night almond oil.

Essential makeup product:

Eyes: black shaded pencil and cobalt blue mascara. Or just red lipstick.

“Follow your instincts and pursue your passions!”

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