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Holiday Talk With Megan Pinckney Rutherford @shadesofpinck

We had such a fun and festive conversation about the holidays with Megan Pinckney Rutherford, @shadesofpinck. Read on to learn more about how this beautiful lady (inside and out) gets into the special spirit.

Name one woman from the past or present who you’d love to invite to your holiday dinner table:

The ultra-glamorous Dorothy Dandridge! She was a movie star during the golden age of Hollywood and was even nominated for an Oscar the same year as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Judy Garland. But because she was a Black woman during the time of segregation she wasn’t memorialized in the same way. I’d love to chat with her about how she found the strength to break barriers despite the challenges she could never escape.

What is your favorite holiday song and movie?

Mariah Carey’s “O Holy Night” gives me goosebumps even in the dead of the summer. And though it isn’t a holiday movie per-say, I love watching The Wizard of Oz this time of year. There’s just something about that dreamland that makes the holiday even more magical.

What are two things from COLLEEN that you would like to gift?

Flora Magica's Amala Earrings and J. Lowery's Mini William Handbag in Dust Blue Python.

What are two things from COLLEEN that you would like to receive?

Haley Mathewes Fine Art Hattie III and Louelle's 4 piece newborn set in blossom pink.

Will you share one holiday hack with the COLLEEN community?

We all receive more holiday cards than any fridge can possibly handle. Display them by attaching them to thick ribbon and then to live garland. We typically add ours above the fireplace, but you can choose a threshold too. This way they’re a part of your holiday decor and you can enjoy them without feeling overwhelmed.

What is a tradition or ritual that immediately puts you into the holiday spirit?

Every year the James Island County Park hosts the Festival of Lights that features hundreds of festive, gigantic light installations. I’ve been attending for as long as I can remember and cannot wait to share that experience with my son!

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