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Holiday Talk With Jillian Eversole

We love Jillian Eversole's southern elegant style and can spend hours perusing her lifestyle blog, Rhyme & Reason. Needless to say, we were incredibly thrilled when she shared some of her holiday tips and traditions with us.

Name one woman from the past or present who you’d love to invite to your holiday dinner table:

My answer to this question is always changing but, after a trip to Boston this fall, I've been fascinated by Isabella Stewart Gardner and the art collection she amassed, the home/museum she built, and the circle of people she surrounded herself with. I think she'd be a hoot to break bread with!

What is your favorite holiday song and movie?

Favorite holiday movie: It's A Wonderful Life
Favorite holiday song: Cool Yule by Louis Armstrong and Silent Night by Frank Sinatra

What are two things from COLLEEN that you would like to gift?

Julie King Studio’s Doodle Note Cards are a beautiful gift for my Mom or Mother-In-Law and Louelle’s newborn essentials gift set is perfect for a new Mama.

What are two things from COLLEEN that you would like to receive?

March11’s Ece Maxi Dress in Crème for spring in Charleston and Klas Squared Beach Baubles Necklace for a vacation I would like to take in 2022.

Will you share one holiday hack with the COLLEEN community?

Save your bows year after year! Ribbon can be quite pricey so I save the big bows I put on the wreaths I buy for around our house and reuse the bows every year. They are easy to pack away, save, and tie onto new wreaths each holiday season.

What is a tradition or ritual that immediately puts you into the holiday spirit?

I started hosting an annual Christmas cookie exchange party a few years ago that has proven to be an absolute blast! When I start planning the party in November, my holiday spirit immediately skyrockets!

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